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How to install the wire for gas shielded welding? What kinds of welding wire are there?

2023-03-02 09:06:48

Take out the welding wire on the inner surface of the welding beam assembly, install a new welding wire reel, pay attention to the rotation direction, manually feed the wire for a certain distance, press the press wheel, turn on the power and hold down the fast wire feed button until the air protection wire appears. Note: The gas welding wire and wire feeding wheel groove is the same size, the direction of wire circling can not be reversed. Carbon dioxide protection wire, commonly used H08MnSiA welding wire for low carbon steel, commonly used H08Mn2S welding wire for low alloy steel.

Its characteristics are: low cost; High production efficiency; Good operability; Good welding quality, etc. The selection of the corresponding wire is mainly to prevent splashing from affecting the quality. The rest of the flux-cored wire can be divided into EF-1 DC, single-pass welding and multi-pass welding. EF-2 DC, single pass welding EF-3; DC, single pass welding, only the core composition is different from EF-1. Flux-cored wire has good adaptability to steel and is widely used in carbon dioxide welding. If the building owner is not welding a large number of workpiece, this welding can be ignored.

Carbon dioxide gas shield welding is one of the welding methods using carbon dioxide gas as shield gas. Simple operation in application, suitable for automatic welding and omnidirectional welding. Welding should be free of wind, suitable for indoor operation. Wire diameter is usually selected based on solder thickness, welding position and efficiency. Filament CO2 gas shielded welding is usually used when welding full-position welds of thin or medium thickness plates.

Welding current mainly depends on wire feed speed. The faster the wire feed speed, the greater the welding current. Welding current has great influence on weld penetration. When the welding current is 60~250A, that is, when the welding is in the form of short circuit transition, the weld penetration is generally 1mm ~ 2mm; Only above 300A did the penetration depth increase significantly.

When semi-automatic welding, the welding speed of skilled welders is 18m/h ~ 36m/h; Automatic welding, welding speed can be up to 150m/h. The length of the welding wire is generally about 10 times the diameter of the welding wire, and increases with the increase of the welding current.

In normal welding, the thin plate below 200A is welded, and the CO2 flow rate is 10l/min ~ 25l/min. For 200A thick plate welding, the CO2 flow rate is 15l/min ~ 25l/min. Thick wire automatic welding 25L/min~50L/min.

Gas-protected welding wire

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