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Welding points and process operation of stainless steel flux-cored wire

2023-03-02 09:11:18

The operation method of flux-cored wire welding is similar to that of solid cored wire, but there are some differences. Special attention should be paid to the actual operation, otherwise the welding quality will be affected, resulting in slag inclusion and other defects. The shorter the arc length is, the better. Stainless steel flux cored wire argon arc welding, in order to get a good root back forming weld, the weld hole must be seen when the bottom welding, so that sufficient slag will penetrate into the back weld, so that the surface of the back weld can be protected.

If there is no weld hole formation, the molten slag can not penetrate into the back pass to act as protection, which will lead to oxidation of the back pass, not the perfect appearance of the pass. On the contrary, if the weld hole is too large, the back weld pass becomes too wide, the weld metal is too thick, and the weld temperature is too high, the weld pass will be oxidized, reducing the welding quality and welding efficiency. So in order to get a good back pass, the size of the weld hole should be accurately controlled.

Stainless steel flux-cored wire wire feeding points for a small number of fast filling, and the distance between wire head movement should be short, when filling to pay special attention to whether the stainless steel flux-cored wire is fully melted, generally to keep the molten pool clear, with the swing of the tungsten pole fully stir the molten pool to melt the flux surface, and make the weld fusion good, otherwise there will be residual slag, the formation of defects. Experience shows that slag inclusion defects in the pass can be judged from the shape of the inner pass. If it is found that there are welding spurs in the back pass, there are generally slag inclusion defects in the weld, and the defects can be polished immediately.

During welding, the protective coating will penetrate into the back of the weld pool to form a dense protective layer, so that the back of the weld passage is not oxidized. After cooling, this layer of slag shell will automatically fall off and be cleaned by compressed air or water flushing. The use method of this welding wire is basically the same as that of ordinary argon-arc welding solid core wire. The coating will not affect the shape of the front arc and molten pool, and the weld metal can meet the requirements in terms of performance.

The use of flux-cored welding wire is not limited by pipe size, welding position and other factors, flexible operation, and reduce the preparation of argon filling. But because of the thin coating on the surface of the welding wire, there are some inadaptability in the welding operation, often there will be concave and other defects, so the level of operation of the welder is higher. When using full argon arc welding multi-layer and multi-pass welding, it is appropriate to use with solid cored wire.

Flux-cored welding wire

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