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How to choose gas shielded wire for steel welding?

2023-03-02 09:14:34

Whether it is a large production line in the factory or a field processing project involving steel welding, welding personnel are required to use professional welding technology, the use of corresponding reliable welding materials, to connect the steel. Especially in the processing and welding of the steel curtain wall profile in the factory, it is necessary to ensure not only high welding strength, but also beautiful and straight welding joints. Next, let's take a look at how to choose gas shielded welding wire for steel welding?

1. Select the structural steel to be welded

For carbon steel and low alloy high strength steel, gas shielded welding wire satisfying mechanical properties is selected mainly according to the principle of equal strength matching. For heat-resistant steel and weathering steel, the consistency or similarity of the chemical composition of weld metal and base metal is mainly considered to meet the requirements of heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

2. According to the quality management requirements of welded parts

The selection of gas shielded welding wire is related to welding conditions, slope shape, shielding gas mixture ratio and other technological conditions. On the premise of ensuring the performance of welded joints, welding materials should be selected to achieve welding efficiency and reduce welding costs.

Gas-protected welding wire

3, according to the site welding position

Select the diameter of the selected gas shielded welding wire corresponding to the thickness of the workpiece to be welded, determine the current value of the wire in use, and select the number of gas shielded welding wire suitable for welding position and current use by referring to the product introduction materials and experience of various manufacturers.

4. Self-protecting flux-cored wire

Self-protecting welding wire refers to the welding wire that can carry out arc welding without additional protective gas or flux, so as to obtain qualified weld. Self-protecting drug core gas shielded welding wire is to place powder and metal powder as slag making, gas making and deoxidation in steel skin. When welding powder becomes slag and gas under the action of arc, it plays the role of slag making and gas making protection, without adding gas protection.

The welding efficiency of self-protected flux-cored wire can be significantly higher than that of the electrode, and the flexibility and wind resistance of field welding are better than other working gas environment welding, which can usually be welded at four levels of wind. Because there is no need to carry out protective gas, suitable for field or altitude operation, so it is often used in system installation engineering site and construction site. In addition, the welding smoke amount of self-protective gas welding wire is large, and attention should be paid to strengthening ventilation in the narrow space.

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