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How to install the welding wire for gas shielded welding?

2023-03-04 09:47:58

Gas shielded wire is used under the protection of CO2 gas. To avoid the effects of oxygen and other impurity gases, it is necessary to use a second protective wire under the protection of CO2. The raw material of gas-protected welding wire is steel. Solid core welding wire is provided by professional welding material manufacturers, because its chemical composition and mechanical data are different from ordinary steel. The copper - plated wire is yellow.

The commonly used solid gas shielded welding wire is H08Mn2SiAH, which is a kind of welding steel with 2% manganese content and 1% silicon content. The purpose of copper plating on the surface of the welding wire is to improve its conductivity and prevent the welding wire from rusting. Gas shielded welding is a welding method. Gas shielded welding includes TIG, MIG, secondary shielded welding, mixed gas shielded welding, plasma arc welding, etc.

Generally, when welding structural steel, welding engineers shall weld the weld in accordance with the weld strength and toughness specified in the base metal type or drawing. The choice of wire, with the common two protection wire is E501T-1, this is the national standard welding wire type, can be used to weld 490Mp carbon steel and low alloy steel.

Two protection welding wire commonly used diameter series: φ, φ, φ, φ, φ, wire diameter allowable deviation range +, -. Welding wire of low carbon steel and low alloy steel: H08MnSiA, H08MnSi, H10MnSi. Welding wire of low alloy steel and high strength steel: H08Mn2SiA, H10MnSiMo, H10Mn2SiMoA.

Welding wire for bainitic steel: H08Cr3Mn2MoA. Welding anti-micro porosity weld low splash wire: H0Cr18Ni9, H1Cr18Ni9, H1Cr18Ni9Ti. Welding wire of stainless steel sheet: H0Cr18Ni9, H1Cr18Ni9, H1Cr18Ni9Ti, H1Cr18Ni9Nb. Different diameters of welding wire, corresponding to different current and voltage.

Gas-protected welding wire

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