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What is carbon dioxide gas shielded welding? What are the characteristics?

2023-03-04 09:54:03

Carbon dioxide gas shielded welding, or CO2 welding (MAG) for short, is a gas shielded welding method that uses CO2 as a protective gas and generates an arc between the welding wire and the welding parts to dissolve metal. The characteristics of carbon dioxide gas welding wire are as follows:

First, the advantages of MAG gas welding

The welding cost is low, its cost is only 40~50% of submerged arc welding and manual arc welding. High production efficiency, its productivity is 1~4 times that of manual arc welding. Easy to operate, open arc, no limit to the thickness of the workpiece, can be welded in all positions and can be welded down.

The weld has high cracking resistance, low hydrogen and less nitrogen content. The deformation after welding is small, the Angle deformation is 5 ‰, and the unevenness is only 3 ‰. When using ultra-low carbon alloy wire or flux-cored wire, or adding Ar to CO2, welding spatter can be reduced.

Two, the shortcomings of MAG welding

The technical welding requirements of welding equipment are high, the cost of the equipment is relatively expensive, and the gas protection effect is easily affected by the external air flow. The matching relation between welding parameters is strict. Carbon dioxide gas welding wire is used in the welding of carbon dioxide gas welding machine.

Carbon dioxide gas shielded wire according to the diameter of the wire can be divided into fine wire, medium wire and coarse wire. The diameter of fine wire is 0.8~1.2mm, the diameter of medium wire is 1.2~1.4mm, and the diameter of coarse wire is 1.4~1.6mm. There are also special types such as 0.6MM, 0.9MM and 2.0MM.

The diameter of the gas welding wire is usually selected according to the thickness of the solder, welding position and efficiency. When welding thin sheet or medium thick plate at all positions, the welding wire below 1.6mm is used, which is called fine wire CO2 gas welding.

Gas-protected welding wire

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