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What are the advantages of non-copper-coated solid cored wire compared with the traditional copper-coated gas shielded wire?

2023-03-04 09:57:13

In GMAW and FCAW-G welding, the copper-plated solid wire is widely used in CO2 gas shielded welding. The production process of copper-coated solid welding wire with CO2 gas welding wire has a great pollution to the environment. The main pollution source to the environment is copper plating liquid, followed by the use of various acid and alkali chemicals and various acid and alkali fog. In the copper plating solution, according to the different process, its pollution degree is different.

At present, the industry generally uses three processes for copper plating production: the whole process using electroplating; Use a combination of electroplating and chemical plating; Use chemical plating throughout. Generally speaking, the electroplating method is more polluting to the environment, especially the use of cyanide occasions, greater harm to the environment. The plating method is relatively good. However, whether electroless plating or electroplating, the plating solution and its vapor have great harm to human body, and the waste acid lye will further pollute the environment.

Compared with the traditional copper-coated gas shielded wire, the copper-free solid core wire has a series of excellent product characteristics. Copper-free welding wire is the welding wire with special process treatment on the surface of the wire. It will not produce harmful gas during operation, and can protect the operators from copper smoke pollution. It is a new product to protect the ecological environment and human health. The average short-circuit transition time of the droplet is shorter than that of the copper-plated wire, and it can withstand the sharp change of the length of the wire during welding.

The droplet at the front end of the welding wire is small, resulting in a small amount of splash phenomenon. Even if the welding process chooses a large current, the amount of splash can be well controlled, and the operating environment can be greatly improved. Because there is no copper plating, there is almost no copper smoke, which also reduces the amount of smoke. Since there is no copper coating on the surface, the copper chips will not remain in the guide wire tube, and can maintain a stable wire feeding for a long time, with high welding and coating efficiency.

Under the premise of ensuring good wire feeding performance, the wear of conductive nozzle and other vulnerable parts is reduced. During welding, the welding gun almost does not vibrate and there is no copper chip blockage, thus reducing the consumption of spare parts. The copper - free wire has higher strength and better shape than the copper - coated wire. Due to the development of new surface treatment methods for welding wire, even without copper plating, welding wire also has good corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity.

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