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Flux-cored welding wire has different classification methods according to different situations

2023-03-04 14:46:09

The manufacturing process of flux-cored welding wire is very strictly controlled. Since the filler metal comes from the steel sheet and the components contained in the flux, the size and chemical composition should be checked in detail before manufacturing to ensure the quality. Due to the limitation of the internal space of welding material, the size of flux particles is more important, and the particles form a similar bird's nest together, and the flux elements are not uniform.

Most flux-cored welding wires consist of a flat metal sheet strip that is rolled segment by segment into a U-shaped section. Granular flux is filled in the U-shaped metal groove and then tightly rolled into the tubular wire through a later sealing and rolling step. The coiled tubular wire is then pulled to the required wire diameter through a series of pulling. This pulling action can also make the filled flux uniformly fixed in the wire cover.

The key to the quality of flux-cored wire is how not to hollow out part of wire due to poor control in the welding wire during production. In addition, the surface of the wire should also be smooth and clean, otherwise it will affect the smooth wire feeding and welding current transmission. The welding wire is packed into rolls or drums to avoid entanglement or breakage of wires. Usually, the rolled wire is wrapped in plastic, and desiccant is placed to avoid moisture. The wrapped material is then sent out in a cardboard box.

When the skin is thick, the section is mostly butt joint and less flux, the vast majority of carbon steel and low-alloy steel, wire diameter of 2.8mm and below are this kind of shape section, such as stainless steel and other high alloy and wire diameter is larger, the wire domestic larger space containing flux and alloy element section shape is mostly into overlap or heart-shaped joint. Flux-cored wire is divided into seam and seamless flux-cored wire according to production characteristics.

The finished wire of seamless flux-cored welding wire can be copper-plated. The moisture-proof property of the welding wire in the storage process and the electrical conductivity in the welding process are all stitched flux-cored welding wire. Flux-cored welding wire has different classification methods according to different situations.

According to the protection situation, it can be divided into gas protection (CO2, Ar rich mixed gas) and self-protection, submerged arc and open arc four kinds.

According to the diameter of welding wire can be divided into fine diameter (below 2.0mm) and coarse diameter (above 2.0mm).

According to the welding wire section can be divided into simple section and complex section.

According to the use of power supply can be divided into AC steep drop characteristic power supply and DC flat characteristic power supply.

According to the filling material, it can be divided into slag type flux-cored wire (titanium oxide type, titanium calcium type, fluorine calcium type) and metal powder cored flux-cored wire.

Flux-cored welding wire

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