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What are the principles of solid core welding wire selection?

2023-03-04 14:46:16

I. Submerged arc welding wire

In submerged arc welding, flux plays a protective and metallurgical role on weld metal. Welding wire is mainly used as filler metal, and alloying elements are added to the weld at the same time, and participate in metallurgical reaction. There are three types of low-alloy steel gas-protected welding wire:

Low manganese wire (such as H08A) : usually used with high manganese flux for low carbon steel and low strength low alloy steel welding.

Medium manganese welding wire (such as H08MnA,H10MnS) : mainly used for low-alloy steel welding, can also be used for low carbon steel welding with low manganese flux.

High manganese wire (e.g. H10Mn2 H08Mn2Si) : Used for welding low alloy steel

Two, high strength steel wire

This kind of welding wire contains more than Mn1%, containing Mo0.3%~0.8%, such as H08MnMoA, H08Mn2MoA, used for high strength low alloy high strength steel welding. In addition, according to the composition and performance requirements of high strength steel, NI, CR, V and Re can be added into the welding wire to improve the weld performance. The weld metal with tensile strength of 590Mpa is mostly MN-MO welding wire, such as H08MNMOA, etc.

Three, stainless steel welding wire

The composition of the welding wire should be basically consistent with the welded stainless steel. When welding chrome stainless steel, the welding wire such as HoCr14H1Cr13H1Cr17 is used. When welding chrome-nickel stainless steel, use H0Cr19Ni9 HoCr19Ni9 HoCr19Ni9Ti welding wire; When welding ultra-low carbon stainless steel, the corresponding ultra-low carbon wire should be used, such as HOOCr19Ni9, etc.

Flux can be used in melting or sintering type, requiring small oxidation of flux, in order to reduce the burning of alloying elements. At present, the sintering flux welding of stainless steel was mainly used abroad, and the smelting flux was mainly used in our country, but the sintering flux was developed and popularized.

Low alloy steel gas shielded welding wire

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