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In order to improve the technological performance of CO2 welding, low alloy steel gas welding wire can be used

2023-03-04 14:49:48

Gas shielded welding is divided into inert gas shielded welding (TIG welding and MIG welding), active gas shielded welding (MAG welding) and self - shielded welding. Pure Ar is used for TIG welding, and Ar+2%O2 or Ar+5%CO2 is generally used for MIG welding. MAG welding mainly uses CO2 gas. In order to improve the technological performance of CO2 welding, low alloy steel gas welding wire can also be used.

First, TIG welding wire

TIG welding is sometimes not filled with welding wire, welding base metal after heating and melting directly connected, sometimes filled with welding wire, because the protective gas is pure Ar, no oxidation, the composition of the wire after melting basically does not change, so the composition of the wire is the composition of the weld. Some also use the base material composition as the welding wire composition, so that the weld composition is consistent with the base material. TIG welding energy is small, weld strength, plastic, toughness is good, easy to meet the performance requirements.

Two, MIG and MAG welding wire

MIG method is mainly used for welding stainless steel and other high alloy steels. In order to improve arc characteristics, an appropriate amount of O2 or CO2 gas is added to Ar gas, which is called MAG method. When welding alloy steel, the porosity resistance of weld can be improved by Ar+5%CO2. But when welding ultra-low carbon stainless steel, Ar+5%CO2 mixture can not be used, only Ar+2%O2 mixture can be used to prevent the weld carburization.

In MAG welding, due to the oxidation of the protective gas, the content of Si, Mn and other deoxidation elements in the welding wire should be appropriately increased. Other components can be consistent with the base material, or different. When welding high-strength steel, the content of C in the weld is usually lower than that of the base material, and the content of Mn should be higher than that of the base material. This is not for deoxidation, but also the requirement of the alloy composition of the weld. In order to improve the low temperature toughness, the content of Si in the weld should not be too high.

Three, CO2 welding wire

CO2 is an active gas with strong oxidation, so the welding wire used for CO2 welding must contain high Mn, Si and other deoxidizing elements. CO2 welding usually uses C-Mn-Si welding wire, such as H08MnSiA, H08Mn2SiA, H04Mn2SiA, etc. The diameter of CO2 welding wire is generally 0.89 1.0 1.2 1.6 2.0mm, etc. Wire diameter ≤1.2mm belongs to fine wire CO2 welding, wire diameter ≥1.6mm belongs to coarse wire CO2 welding.

H08Mn2SiA welding wire is a kind of widely used CO2 welding wire, it has good process performance, suitable for welding low alloy steel below 500Mpa. For steel with higher strength requirements, H10MnSiMo and other brands of welding wire with Mo element in the wire composition should be used. Electroslag welding is suitable for welding medium plate and thick plate. Electroslag welding wire mainly plays the role of metal filling and alloying.

Low alloy steel gas shielded welding wire

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