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Different types of low alloy steel gas welding wire have different functions

2023-03-04 14:53:50

First, surfacing welding wire

At present, there are mainly two kinds of hard alloy welding wire for surfacing: high chromium alloy cast iron and cobalt base alloy. High chromium alloy cast iron has good oxidation resistance and cavitation resistance, and high hardness. And cobalt alloy can maintain high hardness and good corrosion resistance at 650 degrees. Among them, low carbon, low tungsten toughness is good; High carbon, high tungsten hardness, but poor impact resistance.

Hard low-alloy steel gas welding wire can be surfacing by oxygen-acetylene, gas electric welding and other methods, including oxygen-acetylene surfacing although the production efficiency is low, but the equipment is simple, the depth of the surfacing welding, the base metal melting amount is less, the surfacing quality is high, because it is widely used.

Two, copper and copper alloy welding wire

Copper and copper alloy welding wire is often used for welding copper and copper alloy, brass wire is also widely used for brazing carbon steel, cast iron and carbide cutting tools. Various welding methods can be adopted for the welding of copper and copper alloys. The correct selection of filler metal is the necessary condition for obtaining high quality weld. Oxygen-acetylene gas welding should be used together with gas welding flux.

3. Aluminum and aluminum alloy welding wire

Aluminum and aluminum alloy welding wires are used as filler materials for argon arc welding and oxygen - acetylene welding of aluminum alloys. The selection of welding wire is mainly based on the type of base metal, crack resistance, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of butt joint. Under normal circumstances, welding aluminum and aluminum alloy are used with the same or similar composition of the base metal welding wire, so that better corrosion resistance can be obtained; However, when welding aluminum alloy with large hot crack tendency is strengthened by heat treatment, the selection of welding wire is mainly started from the solution of crack resistance. At this time, the composition of welding wire is very different from the base metal.

Four, cast iron welding wire

It is mainly used for gas welding and repairing cast iron. Because the oxygen-acetylene flame temperature (less than 3400℃) is much lower than the arc temperature (6000℃), and the hot spot is not concentrated, more suitable for gray cast iron thin wall casting welding repair. In addition, the lower flame temperature of gas welding can reduce the evaporation of spheroidizing agent, which is beneficial to ensure the microstructure of nodular cast iron. At present, the nodular iron welding wire for gas welding mainly includes two kinds of rare earth magnesium alloy and yttrium heavy rare earth. Because yttrium has a high boiling point and stronger resistance to spheroidization than magnesium, it is more conducive to ensuring the spheroidization of weld, so it is widely used in recent years.

Low alloy steel gas shielded welding wire

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