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How to choose the use of flux-cored wire?

2023-03-04 15:07:28

According to the structure of the wire, flux-cored wire can be divided into seam wire and seamless wire. Seamless welding wire can be copper plated, good performance, low cost, has become the future development direction. According to whether there is a protective gas, flux-cored wire can be divided into gas shielded wire and self-shielded wire; The powder composition of flux-cored wire core is similar to that of electrode coating, including arc stabilizer, deoxidizer, slag-forming agent and alloying agent.

According to whether there is slag-forming agent in the filling powder inside the flux-cored wire, it can be divided into "powder type" wire and "metal powder type" wire; According to the basicity of slag, it can be divided into titanium, titanium calcium and calcium wire. The shape of titanium slag flux-cored wire is beautiful, and the welding process performance is good, the arc is stable, the splash is small, but the toughness and crack resistance of the weld metal are poor. On the contrary, the weld toughness and crack resistance of calcium-slag flux-cored wire are good, but the weld path forming and welding process performance are poor.

Flux-cored welding wire

The welding performance of "metal powder type" flux-cored wire is similar to that of solid cored wire, and its melting efficiency and cracking resistance are better than "powder type" wire. Most of the powder core is metal powder (iron powder, deoxidizer, etc.), but also add special arc stabilizer, can ensure less slag formation, high efficiency, small splash, arc stability, and weld diffused hydrogen content is low, crack resistance is improved. The cross-section shape of flux-cored wire has great influence on the welding process and metallurgical properties.

According to the cross section shape of flux-cored welding wire can be divided into simple O shape and complex section folding shape, folding shape can be divided into plum shape, T shape, E shape and middle filling wire shape. The more complex and symmetrical the cross-section shape of flux-cored wire is, the more stable the arc is, and the more full the metallurgical reaction and protection of flux-cored wire is. However, as the diameter of the wire decreases, the difference decreases gradually. When the diameter of the wire is less than 2mm, the effect of the cut shape is no longer obvious.

The welding process of flux-cored welding wire has good performance, good weld quality and strong adaptability to steel. It can be used for welding various types of steel structures, including low carbon steel, low alloy high strength steel, low temperature steel, heat resistant steel, stainless steel surfacing. The protective gases used are CO2 and Ar+CO2, the former for common structures and the latter for important structures. Flux-cored wire is suitable for automatic or ground semi-automatic welding, DC or AC arc.

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