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The combination of alloy elements and flux-cored wire can meet different requirements of surfacing welding

2023-03-04 15:12:13

In order to obtain some special properties of the metal surface, a certain amount of alloying elements need to be transferred from the welding wire, but the welding wire is difficult to manufacture because of the carbon content and alloying elements. With the advent of flux-cored welding wire, these alloy elements can be added to the flux-cored welding wire, and it is convenient to manufacture, so it is a common method to use flux-cored welding wire for submerged arc surfacing, and has been widely used.

In addition, by adding alloying elements into the sintered flux, the surfacing layer of corresponding composition can be obtained after surfacing, which can meet different requirements of surfacing by matching with solid cored or flux-cored wire. The welding efficiency of this method is high, and the production efficiency is 3~4 times that of hand arc welding. Excellent welding process performance, stable arc, small splash, easy slag removal, surfacing forming beautiful. This method can only be used to transition alloy elements of flux-cored wire, and is mostly used for surfacing layer with low alloy composition.

Flux-cored welding wire

The submerged arc surfacing welding of flux-cored wire adopts large diameter (3.2, 4.0mm) flux-cored wire, with large welding current and obvious improvement of welding productivity. When the flux is used, the alloy element can also be transferred through the flux, so that the surfacing layer can get higher alloy composition, the alloy content can be changed between 14%~20%, to meet different requirements of use. This method is mainly used for surfacing rolling roll, feed roll, continuous casting roll and other corrosion-resistant parts.

Self-protecting wire refers to no need to protect gas or flux, arc welding can be carried out, so as to obtain qualified weld wire, self-protecting flux-cored wire is used as slag, gas, deoxidation of powder and metal powder placed in steel or coated on the surface of the wire, welding powder under the action of arc into slag and gas, slag and gas protection, without adding gas protection.

The welding efficiency of self-shielded flux-cored wire is obviously higher than that of the electrode. The flexibility and wind resistance of field welding are better than that of gas shielded welding. Because it does not need protective gas and is suitable for field or high altitude operation, it is often used in installation sites and construction sites. Self-protective welding wire welding smoke is large, in the narrow space operation should pay attention to strengthen ventilation.

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