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Description and selection of low alloy steel gas - protected welding wire

2023-03-04 15:20:42

The low alloy steel gas welding wire includes MAG welding wire for carbon steel, low alloy high strength steel, low alloy atmospheric corrosion resistant steel, low alloy heat resistant steel, low temperature steel and hydrogen resistant steel. The selection of MAG welding wire for carbon steel and low alloy high strength steel is based on weld strength as the main basis, supplemented by weld toughness (low temperature KV2 impact value and elongation after breaking) comprehensive material selection.

Strength should be equal strength or weak strength matching as the principle, do not recommend high strength matching (weld strength is much higher than the strength of the base metal), more do not allow low strength matching. Of course, the weld low temperature KV2 impact value is also a key factor, especially the main stress parts and parts bearing dynamic load. This series of welding wire to GB/T 8110 "carbon steel, low alloy steel welding wire for gas shielded arc welding" as the inspection standard, under special circumstances can be adopted the national authority standard or the two sides signed the "welding wire technical Agreement" acceptance.

Low alloy corrosion resistant steel welding wire is used for welding workpiece exposed to atmospheric environment all year long. The composition of welding wire determines the atmospheric corrosion resistance and strength of weld metal, and the selection of it is mainly based on the composition as the standard. Because of its particularity, it cannot be replaced by MAG welding wire for low carbon steel and low alloy high strength steel of the same strength level. This series of welding wire to TB/T 2374 "Railway vehicles for atmospheric corrosion resistant steel and stainless steel welding materials" or other Ministry of Railways resistant steel welding wire standards as the inspection standard.

MAG welding wire for low-alloy heat-resistant steel is used for the welding of boiler, pressure vessel, chemical equipment and other parts whose working temperature is between 400 and 600℃. MAG welding wire for low-alloy low-temperature steel is used for welding pressure vessels, chemical equipment, low-temperature storage tanks, spherical tanks and other parts with operating temperatures from minus 40℃ to minus 90℃.

Due to the particularity of their working environment, special and higher requirements are put forward for the composition of welding wire, which should be taken as the main standard of material selection. They can not be replaced by MAG welding wire for low carbon steel and low alloy high strength steel of the same strength level.

Low alloy steel gas shielded welding wire

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