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Precautions for welding low alloy steel gas - protected welding wire

2023-03-04 15:27:10

1, the reduction of gas activity will lead to increased sensitivity to oil, rust, water and other impurities, so before welding should strictly remove rust, oil, water and other impurities on the surface of the groove, otherwise it is very adverse to the welding process performance and mechanical properties of the weld, which is an important part of ensuring the obtaining of excellent mechanical properties of the weld. When Ar+CO2 or Ar+O2 mixed gas is used for welding, the change of gas ratio has a great impact on the welding process and mechanical properties of the weld, so a stable gas ratio should be ensured.

2, although the increase of the length of the welding wire, although can improve the rate of welding, but will worsen the welding process and weld performance, such as spatter increase, weld ripple and rough forming, porosity sensitivity becomes larger. When the welding current is less than 250A, it is recommended that the length of the welding wire be about 10 mm to 18mm. When the welding current is greater than 250A, the length of the welding wire is between 20 mm and 25mm.

3. The flow rate of protective gas should be controlled between 15 ~ 20L/min; Too low leads to air infiltration; too high leads to turbulence. In order to make the arc pit not affect the reliability of the whole weldment, the arc pit can be filled by suspending the welding gun in the original place for a few seconds after extinguishing the arc, intermittent arc burning, arc shifting back and so on. During the welding process, the influence of wind should be avoided. When the wind speed is more than 1.8m/s or the high level welding, the wind protection measures should be adopted. The fan should not be blown directly into the welding place.

4, the workplace should adopt ventilation measures, especially in the more closed, poor ventilation occasions, in order to minimize the personal injury to welding personnel. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the site when welding, bare welding wire afraid of water, paint and oil; Pay attention to the fire caused by welding splash on the outer packaging of welding wire, rust proof paper, plastic film, etc. During welding, tilting the torch to the side of the weld will reduce penetration, which is advantageous for sheet welding.

5, when Ar+CO2 or Ar+O2 mixed gas is used for welding, the current has a critical value, lower than this current, the metal is generally larger than the diameter of the low-alloy steel gas welding wire coarse droplet transition, large splash. If the current is higher than this, a high droplet formation rate will suddenly occur and a jet transition will be formed. Ac welding is not recommended for this type of welding because the arc is unstable.

6. Remove the splash welding slag in the conductive nozzle and guide barrel at any time, especially in the case of high-current welding, invert welding or welding with higher requirements on the workpiece surface quality; When the gas flame is used to preheat or remove the water on the groove surface, the heating temperature must be greater than 100℃ and kept for a period of time to avoid the absorption of water. Welding wire diameter and conductive nozzle specifications should be consistent, conductive nozzle diameter is too large resulting in poor conduction, spatter increase, poor weld forming and other defects.

Low alloy steel gas shielded welding wire

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