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Handling and unloading precautions of gas - proof welding wire

2023-03-04 15:39:08

In the process of handling, be careful not to be hit by foreign objects and do not fall; Do not lay the wire tray flat and carry the wire directly with the same side baffle with both hands. The method of handling the wire tray with both hands should be directly hooked to the inner diameter hole of the wire tray, so as not to damage the gas protection wire tray and affect the wire delivery. When transporting the welding wire from the warehouse to the welding site, do not remove the outer packaging and roll the whole plate of welding wire. It is recommended to remove the plastic film and rust proof paper at the rear of the site.

Gas protection wire packaging and wire tray is not water, not close to fire, not high temperature. When preparing to cut the waste wire head into the wire feeding system, or unplug the unused wire from the welding machine, the hand without the wire pliers must grasp the wire between the wire pliers and the wire tray; Note that because the welding wire has a certain elasticity, the welding wire should be avoided from falling off carelessly during loading and unloading, which is not conducive to wire sending and bringing more trouble.

When lifting, the two rings should be stressed simultaneously, and the lifting should be carried out in parallel and gently. It is not allowed to force only one ring to cause inclined lifting, impact, fall, etc. People are not allowed under the bucket during lifting, and the lid and internal sponge liner should not be removed during handling. The welding wire head should be extracted from the plastic pressure ring in the barrel or between the glass ball and the barrel wall, and the plastic pressure ring, glass ball and desiccant should not be removed during welding.

As the welding wire bucket is made of hardened cardboard and has a long service time, it has high requirements on the inventory and welding site environment. Avoid damage to the paper bucket and corrosion of the welding wire due to damp and other reasons. The welding wire bucket should be placed on the wooden tray or iron frame. Gas-protected wire is a filler metal or wire welding material that also acts as a conductor. In gas and tungsten arc welding, the wire is used as a filler metal.

In gas shielded welding such as submerged arc welding and electroslag welding, the welding wire is both a filler metal and a conductive electrode, and the surface of the gas shielded welding wire is not coated with anti-oxidation flux. Stainless steel solid wire can be protected with inert gas (TIG and MIG welding). It can also be used for submerged arc welding. Can be divided into stainless steel solid cored wire and stainless steel flux cored wire.

Aluminum welding wire is also known as aluminum flux cored wire. So this wire is named for its ability to weld aluminum and aluminum. Copper - aluminum wire is a kind of flame brazing material. Silver welding wire for food industry parts production and maintenance; Containers and pipes; Electrical plug; Surgical and ophthalmic equipment and precision components used in the electronics industry.

Gas-protected welding wire

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