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The application range of submerged arc welding and the selection of welding wire and flux

2023-03-04 15:45:45

Submerged arc welding wire is a kind of welding material, which is used for the welding of carbon steel with low strength alloy steel. The welding material is composed of welding wire and flux. In submerged arc welding, the composition and performance of welding seam are determined by the welding wire and flux. The influence of flux composition and base material composition should be considered in the selection of submerged arc welding wire. To achieve the desired weld metal composition, a flux (melting flux) may also be used in combination with several welding wires. A single wire can also be used in combination with several types of flux (sintered flux).

At present, submerged arc welding can complete the welding of all brands of low-alloy steel, part of medium carbon steel, all kinds of low-alloy high-strength steel, heat-resistant steel, low-temperature steel, stainless steel and high-alloy heat-resistant steel, basically covering the pipeline materials in petrochemical equipment. In submerged arc welding, the flux and wire should be correctly selected according to the composition and performance of the base material. The flux of different manufacturers is not interchangeable. The flux used should not be changed to that of other manufacturers without experimental verification.

Submerged arc welding wire

Generally, the flux is selected according to the mechanical properties required by the cladding metal, and the welding wire is matched with the flux to ensure the required mechanical properties of the weld. The flux manufacturer will provide a combination of flux and wire suitable for various steels. When welding, the combination of wire and flux recommended by the flux manufacturer should be selected according to the type of base metal and the number of passes. For critical or important welds, necessary process tests should be conducted to verify whether the process used can meet the design process requirements.

According to metallurgical reaction, flux is divided into neutral flux, active flux and alloy flux three kinds. The flux transfers alloying elements to the weld in a certain way, and sometimes the welding wire also transfers alloying elements or deoxidizing elements to the weld. Neutral flux does not significantly alter the chemical composition of the weld metal and is commonly used for multipass welding.

Active flux contains a small amount of manganese oxide or silicon oxide, through metallurgical reaction to a small amount of transition manganese and silicon in the weld, conducive to avoid porosity and cracks. This type of flux is usually used for single-pass welding; Alloy flux is made by adding alloying elements to neutral flux and active flux. It can be used to weld alloy steel welds with ordinary carbon steel welding wire, or welding welds of specific base materials.

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